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Gather with the Greek - The Hellenic Caters

It’s party season on the North Fork and through the generations, the definition of a great party usually comes down to the food. Of course the people you choose to gather with count too, but we think the food ranks high on memory meter.

Fortunately for North Forkers, The Hellenic offers catering both onsite and off premise, so you can check off the “must have great food’ box early in planning your next gathering. The menu ranges from the standards of Greek cuisine, such as moussaka, skordalia and dolmades to choices that reflect the
North Fork’s culinary personality, including a raw bar made with local shellfish, and seafood entrees with fish plucked form the bay and the sound, along with salads prepared with produce from local farms, as well as vine ripened tomatoes from the farm up the road.

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Where will you gather? Why are you gathering? How many will join you? The Hellenic is ready to feed parties from 20 to around a hundred at their East Marion restaurant, but their food travels well to any location you prefer. A winery? A private garden? A favorite beach? Pick your spot and they will deliver the feast. Or you could pick it up, too.

One of the best features of The Hellenic’s catering services is that it can be as fancy or casual as you wish. Pull out the white tablecloths and light some candles and The Hellenic will serve up delicious specialties for a grand celebration like a wedding, milestone birthday or other special occasion. But if you in mind had flipflops, paper plates and finger food, The Hellenic’s cuisine will fit right in there too. Their secret ingredient is insistence on fresh, high quality food. That works for any style and any palate, in any place.

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Usually, a discussion of good catering calls to mind the big celebrations of family and friends, but The Hellenic’s cuisine works great for a business conference, or service club meeting. Their breakfast menu is ideal for these professional meetings where people fuel up on their most important meal of the day and take care of business at the same time.

Simply stated, The Hellenic makes it easy to satisfy your guests with delicious food that is an unexpected turn from the typical party fare. Replace those cheese and crackers with pita and cucumber yogurt dip. And instead of the charcuterie board, serve a basket filled with stuffed grape leaves, croquettes, and spinach rolls. Where you would offer lasagna, present moussaka. And don’t get us started on the desserts!

Wondering about how to please those in your gathering who have dietary restrictions? The Hellenic’s owner and executive chef George Giannaris has identified those dishes that are vegetarian and gluten friendly.

Great food, great party, great memories all begin at The Hellenic. They’ve been catering since 1985, opened since 1976!

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Judy McCleery is a photographer, writer, wordsmith, content creator and lifelong NorthForker.