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Gus Hartofelis decided to buy "Brown's Cabin's" in 1976. He asked John Giannaris to be his partner. Gus had a knack for real estate and rentals. John was more interested in running the little snack bar on the east side of the property.

It didn't take John long to have lines of loyal customers wrapped around the little six-stool, four-table shack, waiting for their made to order, soon-to-be-famous, fresh squeezed lemonades.

In 1983, it was time to expand. The snack bar, had become a full-blown, indoor-outdoor restaurant. Many people ask us, "Why do we  still call the place a snack bar?" It is our way of never forgetting our roots.

We were featured on the Martha Stewart Show as one of  her favorite road stops. Many celebrities have made their way through our doors, including Harrison Ford, Billy Joel, Christie Brinkley, The Who, Paul Giammati... this list is extensive and all of them are wonderful; however, our favorite celebrity is a satisfied customer.

John & Anna Giannaris' vision continues. The family expanded and the restaurant is run by their son George and their daughter-in-law Maria.


The vision remains the same. We wish to offer you an outstanding, hospitable, comfortable dining experience.


Our mission is excellence in food, service, presentation and cleanliness.


Our core values:


Integrity- Fresh, quality ingredients, generous portions and reasonable prices.

Passion- Driven to meet the needs of our customers with excellence.

Consistency- Repeatedly exceed our customers expectations.

Appreciation- Thankfulness and gratitude for the opportunity to serve as onto oneself.




631 477-0138

5145 Main Road, East Marion NY 11939

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