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The Tomato – An Essential in Greek Cuisine
(Contest: Guess How Many We Use!)

    How many tomatoes does a Greek kitchen use in a summer season? Italian cuisine may be synonymous with tomatoes, but make no mistake, this new world fruit (yes fruit!) is essential to Greek cuisine too. And on the North Fork, The Hellenic Snack Bar proves the rule, using BUSHELS of locally grown tomatoes in their menu, which is farm to fork during the North Fork growing season.
    The question is just how many bushels does The Hellenic use in a summer season? It’s quite a bit, and if you can guess correctly, you will be eligible to win a $100 gift card to use at The Hellenic. Keep reading for the details.
A glance in The Hellenic’s kitchen on any given day and you will find bushel baskets full of just-picked field tomatoes. It seems they go with everything and in everything on the menu. Ok, maybe not everything. They are in the Hellenic’s Salad and Horiatiki Salata, the Shrimp Saganaki and Pastichio, along with the burgers, sandwiches and of course, the gyros and souvlaki. If tomatoes aren’t featured in the dish, they are often a finishing touch in the garnish.


    Juicy tomatoes fresh from the field can transform a dish, where there is a taste of the North Fork in every bite. Sliced, pureed, diced and crushed, they are a staple of The Hellenic’s kitchen. Of course, the local tomatoes in August and September are delicious all by themselves, but once The Hellenic’s executive chef and owner George Giannaris adds his creative touches, your inner foodie will delight in the many ways to enjoy tomatoes in Greek cuisine. Their acidity balances the fruity olive oil, and with one taste you understand why they are essential in the Greek cuisine.
  So that now it’s clear that tomatoes are an integral part of The Hellenic’s menu, it’s your turn to make a guess on just how many are used in a summer season. Tell us how many bushels we use during the months of July and August, and if your guess is right, or the closest to being right if there is no exact guess, you will win a $100 gift card to enjoy at the Hellenic.
    Submit your guess by messenger in Instagram by September 13th. We will contact the winner directly. Find us on Instagram @hellenicsnackbar.  

Judy McCleery

Judy McCleery is a photographer, writer, wordsmith, content creator and lifelong NorthForker.